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Donghai Music Festival in Zhujiajian

At the end of August and beginning of September every year since 2011, many renowned musicians gather in Nansha Sand Beach of Zhujiajian Island for this festival. The festival offers three days of great performances. Accompanied with beach, wine, rock and roll and bikinis, the fantastic music party will surely get you excited.

Hiking in Dinghai

In 2014, the Dinghai district government launched an activity named “Hiking in Dinghai”, attracting many sport lovers to join in through a series of mountaineering activities.

In recent years, with its increasing influence and reputation, the competition of “Hiking in Dinghai” has been a part of “Hiking throughout China” series. Through Cooperation with National Mountaineering and Fitness Trail League, and holding professional competitions with amateur sports activities, “Hiking in Dinghai” has attracted the participation of a growing number of people in walkway fitness as well as mountaineering.

Dinghai district has improved the original mountaineering and fitness trails since 2017, and built 50- km- long trails in accordance with national standards. The design and construction strictly followed the principle of reusing natural environment and resources. The route includes Nandong Art Valley with landscapes of villages as well as sceneries of mountain and sea, and some special sites for leisure, fitness and eco-tourism.

The route covers three trails leveled A, B and C, including seven crossing lines and eight loop lines. It can meet the needs of different outdoor groups, such as professional outdoor people and ordinary people. 

Echo Literary Awards Ceremony

The Echo Literary Awards Ceremony is an activity to commemorate Echo, a famous Taiwan author who lived in the Sahara Desert and wrote many interesting stories.

Her ancestral home is at Xiaosha Town of Zhoushan. The biennial ceremony was launched in 2016 in Dinghai district. It is now one of the three major literary awards in Zhejiang province, together with the Yu Dafu Novel Awards and the Xu Zhimo Poetry Awards.

Dinghai district has held a series of literary activities themed on “Echo Memories” under the Echo Literary Awards, such as the establishment of an Echo Memorial Hall, Echo Research Society and Echo Culture Forum.

The Echo Literary Awards Ceremony 2018 was held on April 20, giving out prizes for prose collections and single prose pieces. 

International Island Tourism Conference

Since 2015, Zhoushan has been the permanent site of the International Island Tourism Conference, which is a kind of fair for both tourists and tourism-related industries.

Each year representatives of other popular tourism islands throughout the world gather at Zhoushan to brainstorm, discussing the development and reform of the island tourism industry.

The meetings enhance communication and cooperation between tourism islands around the world.

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Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival

Nansha Sand Beach of Zhujiajian Island provides high-quality sea sand for sand sculptures. Since 1999, the Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival has been held every September.

Competitors from different countries and regions create their sand sculptures under a predetermined theme. Sand sculpture has become a famous brand of Zhoushan tourism, and Zhujiajian Island is reputed to be the “Hometown of Sand Sculpture in China”.

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Zhoushan Islands Marathon

Since 2015 the annual Zhoushan Islands Marathon has gained a significant reputation thanks to its amazing coastal race route. 

Runners can enjoy the sea view and landmark sceneries of Putuo while running on the cross-sea bridges and coastal roads, including Guanyin Bridge, Cihang Square and Bingang Road. 

The runners in the 2017 Zhoushan Islands Marathon held on Nov 19 were divided into three groups. Each group ran a different length; there was a 21.1 kilometer half-marathon, a 6.5 kilometer health run, and a 2 kilometer family fun run. The routes were largely unchanged since the first ones in 2015.  

About 12,000 runners took part in the event, half of them in the half-marathon group.

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China Nanhai Guanyin Culture Festival in Mount Putuo

China Nanhai Guanyin Culture Festival is one of the three major festivals in Zhoushan.

Inspired by the profound Guanyin culture of Mount Putuo, the festival focuses on building a cultural environment in Mount Putuo by advocating Guanyin spirit and culture. Tourists and pilgrims can learn the captivating charm of the Buddhist culture in Mount Putuo every autumn. 

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