Quzhou colorful fallen leaves to stay for longer

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The Chinese characters for Quzhou, made by fallen ginkgo leaves on North Qujiang road. [Photo/qz96811.com]

All the parks and several the roads in the main urban area of Quzhou in western Zhejiang province will keep their colorful fallen leaves from Nov 27, according to the local housing and urban-rural development bureau.

"Fallen leaves are a special view in Quzhou," Jiang Liping, director of the landscape management bureau, said. "The move is to reserve the seasonal scenery for local residents."

It is the first time that Quzhou has carried out such a practice, following other Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou.

The Hewu road, one of the three roads involved in the new project, is covered with golden ginkgo leaves. The scenes of leaves falling to the ground or swirling up and down in the breeze like golden butterflies has caused more than one passer-by to take out their phone for a quick snap.

The other two roads involved are Xinqiao street and North Qujiang road.

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