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The 82,000 DWT bulk cargo ship manufactured by Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co Ltd [Photo/]

Nantong COSCO KHI Ship Engineering Co Ltd (NACKS) is a large shipbuilding joint venture between China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd (KHI), a Japanese company founded in 1896 that is involved in heavy industries.

To take full advantage of both sides in capital, shipbuilding technology, ship markets and management experience, China COSCO Shipping Group and KHI jointly invested 5 billion yuan ($720.21 million) to establish this new shipbuilding venture.

The registered capital of NACKS is 1.46 billion yuan equally shared by COSCO and KHI. NACKS mainly engages in the construction of various kinds of bulk carriers, 150,000 DWT to 300,000 DWT oil tankers, super-panamax container ships, large car carriers, and Special Ship and LNG.

Integrating advanced shipbuilding technology and management, new modes of production and the successful experience of China COSCO Shipping Group in operation and management, NACKS, since its founding in 1999, has made remarkable accomplishments in the worldwide shipbuilding industry and successfully realized great-leap-forward development.

Tel: +86-513-85168888

Fax: +86-513-83514349

Postcode: 226005

Address: 901 Changjiang Middle Rd, Nantong

Official website: (English)


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