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Hailin Group [Photo/hailin.com.cn]

Hailin Group lies in the most competitive area of the China economy, the Yangtze River Delta. It integrates four industries – textiles, new energy vehicles, financing and real estate – and deals with a variety of other fields including real estate, investment, management and service. The organizations are widely distributed in Jiangsu province, Shanghai, Hong Kong and among multinational enterprise groups in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Hailin Group was founded in 1980 and converted into a private enterprise in 2003. After conversion, it united with Inner Mongolia Erdos Group and established joint-venture Shanghai Erdos Underwear Co Ltd. It produced elegant cashmere underwear and became the first brand to mak elegant underwear in China. It then moved into new energy vehicles, banking and property. With capital management and utilization as linkages, a new dual-core four-wheel-driving business developmental model involving capital, real estate and land estate was developed, which further refreshed the booming corporation.

Tel: +86-513-88782366

Fax: +86-513-88782380

Address: 188 Huanghai West Rd, Haian, Nantong

Official website: http://www.hailin.com.cn/Maine.asp (English)

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