New material industry

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The new material industry has a clear advantage in Quzhou industrial economy and is the most prominent industry in terms of quality promotion.

With the three main industrial chains, namely fluorine chemical, inorganic silicon and organic silicon, the new material industry prioritizes new types of fluororesin, fluorine and silicon composite material, special engineering plastic, new types of engineering plastic and so on.

Zhejiang Quzhou fluorine and silicon new material technology innovative service platform has already been built. It combines the design and research of laboratory project, pilot plant test, engineering design and industrialization study. It also has technological innovation carriers like national fluorine and silicon quality testing center, Sino-Russia fluorine chemical engineering united laboratory and fluorine chemical engineering specialist laboratory.

There is a batch of leading enterprises in this area, like Juhua Group, Yonghe Refrigerant, Dongfu Plastic, Huanxin Fluoro and so on, with high technology, strong capability of independent innovation and dependable technology.

Huayou Cobalt is the largest cobalt chemical producer and the second in terms of cobalt comprehensive productivity in China, one of the best in the world.

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