​The 14th Front Army of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army Museum

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The memorial hall covers 6.3 mu (4,200 square meters) and is divided into two floors. It is composed of nine rooms and a lobby. More than 1,300 related pictures and more than 700 material files are on display, accompanied by nearly 40,000 words. Twenty-four historical scenes have been restored, and five are displayed with sound, light and electricity. Twenty-three 23 statues have been erected (including those in the square). All of these faithfully reflect the arduous but glorious revolution during the Agrarian Revolutionary War.

The educational pavilion for teenagers on the history of the Red Army covers a total construction area of 2,193 square meters, and is composed of four exhibition rooms with different themes. A large number of historical facts and precious pictures are exhibited to illustrate the great spirit of the Red Army and the developmental history of the Chinese workers’ and peasants’ Red Army.


The 14th Front Army of the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army Museum [Photo/h14jun.com]

The outdoor training base reconstructs a series of scenes including an expedition setting out from Ruijin and breaking through the blockade line, the Zunyi Meeting, crossing the Chishui River four times, the strategic crossing of the Jinsha River, capturing Luding Bridge, folk customs, climbing snowy mountains, crossing grasslands, joining forces in northern Shaanxi, and life in Yan'an. Teenagers visiting the museum are advised to participate in outdoor training, experience the Long March, and receive traditional revolutionary education.

Address: No 148 Fushou East Road, Rucheng town, Rugao, Nantong

Tel: +86-513-87532016 or +86-513-87533675.

Official website (Chinese): http://www.h14jun.com/index.php 

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