Yangzhou Railway Station upgraded to benefit passengers

Updated: Sep 5, 2018 Print

The six-month renovation project of Yangzhou Railway Station finished on Sept 3, upgrading its facilities and overall environment.

This included eight subprojects such as renovation on the heating and ventilation systems, adding greenery and the construction of new public toilets.

The project also added some passenger-friendly facilities including putting non-slip aluminum alloy mats on each step, replacing 12 sets of seats at bus stops and repainting the walls in the station.

Ticket checking machines have also been upgraded at the station. Some Passengers who have booked tickets marked G and D, both in reference to high-speed trains, may be able to use their ID cards instead of tickets to board the train at Yangzhou Railway Station, depending on the train.

"I didn't have time to get my ticket. The staff member told me that I can use my ID card to pass the ticket checking machine," said a passenger surnamed Liu, "It's very convenient. I don't need to worry about the time wasted for getting tickets."

However, not all the trains marked G and D at Yangzhou Railway station support using ID cards. "If the train can be boarded with ID cards, a symbol representing ID cards will be shown above the train number when passengers purchase tickets on the 12306 app," said a staff member from Yangzhou Railway Station.

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