Quzhou strives to build better business environment

Updated: Sep 3, 2018 ezhejiang.gov.cn Print

Quzhou city, in Zhejiang province ranked fourth out of 22 cities in China's first commercial environmental test, according to a notice released by the National Development and Reform Commission on Aug 28. 

This business environment evaluation system involves 23 aspects, such as site selection and financing for companies. In the evaluation, Quzhou ranked fourth following the cities of Beijing, Xiamen and Shanghai.

Quzhou has been exploring measures to improve its business environment in recent years. For this purpose, the Quzhou government formulated a three-year plan in May 2018 and released a work program including 16 main tasks and 30 crucial projects for this year.

"We studied the World Bank's evaluation system for business environment and found some parts of it in accordance with Zhejiang's 'At Most One Visit' administrative reform," said an official from Quzhou's commerce department, further explaining that their decisions, made on the basis of the province's reform are close to the items raised by World Bank.

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