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Gulangyu Island

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Gulangyu Island, known in the local dialect as Kulangsu Island, is located to the southwest of Xiamen Island, and separated from Xiamen Island by the 600-meter-wide Lujiang Strait to require a 5-minute ferry. It boasts a land area of 19,100 square meters and a population of 20,000. Originally it was named Round Sandy Island, and in the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644) renamed Gulangyu Island. It was said that a rock in the southwest of the Island would make drum sound when dashed against by the surging waves. So it was called Gulang (Drumming Wave) Rock. And it becomes so popular that the island borrows this imaginative name.

The scenic spots on the island mainly include the Sunlight Rock, the Bright Moon Garden, the Shuzhuang Garden, the Piano Museum and the Zheng Chenggong(Koxinga)Memorial Hall.

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