Wenfeng Pagoda

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Wenfeng Pagoda [Photo/mlhaohe.com]

Built in the 46th year of the Wanli Period in the Ming Dynasty (1618), Wenfeng Pagoda is a five-storey, masonry-timber-structure hexagon pagoda with a small room in every storey, and one door and two windows facing each other. It has a staircase inside and a balustrade outside, and the cornices are decorated with a dragon's head, carvings of celestial figures, legendary beasts and metal bells. The 10.33-meter pagoda finial is supported by a long shaft and plate on the inverted-bowl-shaped base, linked by iron chains and decorated with seven-layer sōrin, crescents, auras and precious vases. A symbol of cultural prosperity of Nantong, the 39-meter pagoda sits on the southeast of town, towering and solemn.


Wenfeng Pagoda [Photo/mlhaohe.com]

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