Yiyuan peninsula resort

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Yiyuan peninsula resort [Photo/mlhaohe.com]

Covering an area of about 0.35 hectares, Yiyuan garden surrounded by water was built in 1991 with a wide river in the north and luxuriantly green garden. It is the former site of the branch committee of the Communist Party of China in the first normal school of Jiangsu province and the memorial of the earliest Communist Party organization in Nantong. Standing nearby, Yiqiao bridge is a wonderful and graceful five-arch bridge, 60 meters in length and 16 meters in width.

Yiyuan garden, Yiting pavilion and Yiqiao bridge are set for commemorating Gu Yisheng (1882-1955), a renowned patriotic educationist.


Yiyuan peninsula resort [Photo/mlhaohe.com]

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