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Nanjing  Medical University (NMU) founded in 1934 is one of the key universities  in Jiangsu Province. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the  National Health and Family planning Commission and Jiangsu Provincial  Government. The university has two campuses with a land area of 87  hectares. The school has passed the accreditation of clinical medicine  in the Ministry of Education and has obtained the longest certification  cycle for 8 years. NMU is among top 500 in the “academic ranking of  world universities” for the past four years; Seven disciplines of NMU  are among top 1% of ESI of global research institutions. NMU is among  601-800 in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE)  2018. Sixty-three universities in China mainland were listed in the  rankings, our university is the 36th.

NMU  has 24 affiliated hospitals and more than 50 teaching hospitals  including one teaching hospital in Indonesia. Presently NMU has 188  professors, 252 associate professors. NMU has an excellent research and  teaching team with the academicians of Chinese Academy of engineering,  foreign academicians of the National Academy of Medical Sciences and  state-level well-known teachers.

Options  for master and doctoral discipline have crossed the boundaries between  medicine, science, engineering, management, law, education and  literature. There are 587 doctoral supervisors and 2014 master  supervisors (with numbers from the affiliated hospitals).

The  university has 24 undergraduate programs. Currently it has more than  14,500 students. The university has formed a comprehensive and  multi-level educational system that covers undergraduate and graduate  programs, as well as post-doctoral training, for full-time students,  adults and international students. 

NMU  started international students’ education from 1975 and started the  enrollment and cultivation of international degree students in 2004.  Till now, NMU has developed 1 state-level,5  provincial-level and 7 university excellent courses for international  students. Apart from that, NMU was the first one in China to use English  Standardized Patients (SPs) in medical education. Application of SPs  not only started a precedent in our country but also promoted our  teaching to measure up to international standards.

Till  Sep 2017, NMU has enrolled more than 1200 international students from  more than 40 countries, such as Thailand, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India  etc.. Currently there are 653 international students.

In  2007, NMU was approved by the Ministry of Education as the first group  of universities which are eligible to enroll international students of  MBBS program. Till 2017, NMU MBBS program has successfully passed the  accreditation of medical councils or associations of 7 countries,  including India, Thailand, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Nepal etc.

In  the First National Clinical Thinking and Skills Competition for  International Medical Students, NMU won two group awards and two  individual awards, respectively the Outstanding Group Award (Top award),  the Best Team Cooperation Award, the Surgical Basic Skills Single  Excellence Award and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Skills Single  Outstanding Award.

International  graduates of NMU have got the high passing rate in the home country’s  medical licensing examinations. The one-time passing rate for Nepalese  students is 83% and Indian students above 50%; according to incomplete  statistics, 13 MBBS graduates have passed the step-1 or step-2  examinations of USMLE, 3 students passed AMC and 1 student passed PLAB  from 2010 to 2017.

For  13 years, NMU has consistently placed emphasis on quality education.  Through careful planning and a considered, step-by-step approach in  designing its curriculum, NMU has developed well and has established its  own pedagogical character. NMU won the First Prize of Students’  National Clinical Skills Contest, besides, NMU was selected as a Jiangsu  Province Advanced International Education Group in year 2012, 2014 and  2016.

Nanjing  Medical University will always adhere to the motto of Pursue excellent  with erudition, reach perfection with morality and is dedicated in  cultivating international medical talents and striving to promote  worldwide medical progress and cultural exchange among different  countries and regions.

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