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China University of Petroleum (CUPB) was founded in 1953, nominated as one of  the key national universities in 1960, and is a ‘211’ national  universities under administration of the Ministry of Education. As a  first-tier national university of China, the mission of CUPB is to  prepare qualified engineers and offer great technical service for the  global oil industry through its education of the highest quality and  excellent research.  

University Overview

With  years of efforts, CUPB has been working on improving its programme  quality, continuously evolving to stay at the cutting edge of research  and industrial advances, and broadening its disciplines and research  areas. The present focus of CUPB includes its traditional energy related  fields alongside with the new outreach to sustainable and renewable  energy technology and clean energy technology, deep-water technology,  energy strategy and policy study, safely engineering technology,  environmental engineering and energy management. There are 16 colleges  in total at CUPB which offers 27 Bachelor programmes, 99 Master  programmes and 48 PhD programmes. It has 2 national key labs, 1 national engineering education center and 20 ministerial key labs or research institutes.  

The  academics, who account for CUPB’s position as a national leader in  energy related subjects, are an essential part of its rich academic  environment. There are 1,369 teachers in total including 229 professors  and 274 associate professors. Among them, there are two winners of  Chinese Academy of Science Awards, two winners of Chinese Academy of  Engineering Awards. CUPB currently has 7,663undergraduate  students, 5,426 Master students, 1076 PhDs and 832 overseas students  from 52 countries.  

One  of the principles of CUPB has been to work closely with world-leading  energy companies such as China National Petroleum Corporation, China  Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil  Corporation, TOTAL, Shell, Petronas, Saudi Aramco, Kogas, BP, StatOil,  etc. More than 65% of its research projects are supported by these  organizations. Internationalisation is one of the three key strategic  priorities of CUPB whose target is to attract scholars around the world  and involve our faculty and students to explore the world and share  their capacity with the world through linkages with CUPB’s global  partner institutions. CUPB currently has collaborative relationship with  120 higher education institutions and academic organizations from 36  countries.  


China University of Petroleum, Beijing, is located in a scenic region of  tourist interest in Changping County, Beijing, about 5 miles to the Ming  Tombs and 15 miles to the Great Wall. Changping is dynamic yet  laid-back, culturally rich but down to earth. One can easily explore  Changping on foot or by bike with its perfect size. CUPB has a beautiful  campus divided into two relatively independent quarters, which has  excellent teaching and learning facilities and well-equipped residential  areas.

International School

The  International School was established in 2011 in order to better promote  the education for international students as well as international  communication and exchange. It takes overall responsibility for the  promotion of the international education and admission and  administration for international students.

Till  June of 2015, the University has more than 850 international students  on campus from 50 countries with rich oil and gas resources including  Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mongolia and Russia.

The  International School collaborates with other colleges in offering  quality programs and international courses by integrating superior  resources, designing reasonable education plans and training qualified  teachers. The categories of international education now include language  training, pre-Bachelor program, Chinese-taught Bachelor’s programs,  Chinese and English-taught Master and PhD programs. More than 82%  international students are enrolled in academic programs.

China  University of Petroleum, Beijing has been maintaining good cooperation  with energy enterprises. Since signing the first joint-training  agreement in 1997 with an overseas company, the University has  established active cooperation with over 20 Chinese companies and over  10 foreign companies, and has cultivated over 1000 graduates for  countries in Africa, Central Asia, Middle-East and South America.

Every  year since 2013, the University and CNPC (China National Petroleum  Corporation) will organize jointly a Job Fair for International  Graduates in CUPB, offering a good job-hunting opportunity for  international students. The graduates’ career prospects are bright.

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