Taikang Insurance Group

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Founded in 1996, Taikang is a large insurance and financial service conglomerate. The company operates through three main businesses: insurance, asset management and health and elderly care. Taikang Insurance Group has a number of subsidiaries which include Taikang Life, Taikang Asset, Taikang Pension, Taikang Community, Taikang Health and Tk.cn. Its business scope covers a wide range of fields, such as life insurance, pension, enterprise annuity, online property and casualty insurance, asset management, health and elderly care, health management, commercial real estate and offshore businesses.

Contact information of Zhejiang branch

Address: Room 1802 and room 2601, Rong'an Building, No 188, Wuxing road, Jianggan district, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province

Tel: +86-571-85802112

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