When consuming, customers have the right to require merchants to provide personal and property security

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Customers enjoy the right that personal and property safety is not impaired during the purchase and use of goods and reception of services. Customers have the right to require merchants to provide goods and services that meet the requirements of the protection of personal and property safety. As for those goods and services that may endanger the personal and property safety, merchants should give customers instructions and clear warning, and explain and indicate the proper use of goods or reception of services with preventative measures against hazards. If merchants discover defective goods or services they provide, which may threaten personal and property safety, they shall immediately report to relevant authorities, inform of consumers the truth, and take such actions as follows: stopping selling, alerting, recalling, safe disposal, destruction, stopping production or services. For recalling measures, the merchants shall bear the costs of goods paid by customers. Customers whose personal and property safety are impaired for purchasing such goods or receiving this sort of services, shall have the right to receive compensation.

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