Protection against Consumer Frauds

Updated: Apr 2, 2018 Print

In a Chinese markets, the consumers should be alert to the fraud behavior when the following cases occur:

(1)The merchants sell the goods with labels of “clearing price”, “throwaway price”, “lowest price” and “discounted sales prices”;

(2) The merchants hire sales personnel to induce businesses;

(3) The merchants conduct exaggerated live demonstration and explanation;

(4)The merchants take advantage of radio, television, film, newspapers and other mass media to hype their goods;

(5) The merchants charge fees of customers in advance;

(6) The merchants sale their goods by way of “premium sales”, “payback sales”, “discount coupon redemption” etc.

In circumstances mentioned above, consumers should remain rational, and do not consume blindly. Once problems occur, consumers should timely claim their rights.

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