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China Higher Education Student Information (CHSI) website is maintained by CHESICC and run by Student Information Consultation Service Co Ltd, a company held by CHESICC.

With an integrated database of college admissions, student records, qualification certificates, employment information and student loans, CHSI website has set up the information platform for "Sunshine" College Entrance Examination, student records and qualification information platform, postgraduate student enrollment information network, student loans information platform and the platform for universities in Chinese Mainland to enroll students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is also responsible for over 20 information systems, including online qualification certificate inquiries and verifications, online registration for postgraduate entrance exam, postgraduate enrollment information, postgraduate transfer, college student loans, etc.

CHSI is the only MOE-designated website for qualification verifications.

According to the 2006 ranking issued by the American ALEXA website, CHSI took the first place among all the Chinese educational websites.


CHSI is the only designated website for qualification enquiry (Jiaoxue [2004] No 25).

CHSI is a designated information publishing platform for college entrance examination.

CHSI is a designated website for online registration of national graduate school entrance examination and supplementary application platform.


Ministry of Education Annoucement:
               The only designated website for qualification enquiry (Jiaoxue [2004] No 25)

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