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• Please note that at any time during the verification process, We reserve the right to request additional information and/or original educational documents. Requests for additional information and documentation will increase processing time. We may require you to make arrangements to have documents sent directly to us by the school, institution or examination board.

• Be certain that you have all the necessary documents before sending your application. You are responsible for submitting to us all required documents and full payment. Failure to submit all required documentation, information or payment will delay the verification report process.

Name on Verification Report

• A verification report is always issued under the name indicated on the academic record(s). If applicable, please submit the name (Pinyin) printed on passport for English Verification Report.

Processing and Delivery Time

• Most verification reports are completed within one month. However, the time it takes to complete a verification report may vary. Visit for more information about our processing time when you order a report.

• We also offer rush service: 3 business-days (available for General reports only); Business days are Monday through Friday and do not include public holidays or weekends.

• The verification process for all reports, including those with rush service, will not begin until we receive all required information, fees, and required documents. Processing time does not include delivery time which may vary depending on your location.

• You are responsible for providing us with accurate and valid mailing addresses and reporting to us any change of address or contact information. Failure to report a change of address to us may delay delivery of the completed report.

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