5 recommended Business Administration studies in China

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Business Administration in General

Business administration and management is a program that generally prepares individuals to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of a firm or organization. Includes instruction in management theory, human resources management and behavior, accounting and other quantitative methods, purchasing and logistics, organization and production, marketing, and business decision-making..

Business Administrator Job Description

Business Administrators handle the operational, organizational, and managerial responsibilities of a company. They are known by many job titles including CEO, general manager, and operations manager. Business administrators are often the individuals who grew the company, often they relinquish their positions and chair on executive boards.

Administrators work in many industries including government, private agencies, firms, multinationals, universities and non-profit organizations. Business administrators, due to their various responsibilities, are proficient in several areas. These include accounting, strategic management, counseling, change management, marketing, sales, finance, and human resource.

Four reasons of choosing to study Business Administration in China

You will study Chinese language and culture alongside business academic subjects

Global companies looking to grow their business in China, and Chinese companies looking to venture into international markets, are looking for employees who understand the China business environment and conventions.

Earning a BBA or MBA can lead to a variety of positions in management, is relevant to careers in almost any field of business, and improves marketability in an ever-evolving job market.

Students have opportunities to take an internship within an international or Chinese business in China

The most popular categories for business administrator


Ningbo University

Tuition: 18,000 RMB per year(Bachelor)

Location: Ningbo

Duration: 4 years

Language requirement: English, IELTS 6.0

Features:  late application deadline;
Jointly launched by Ningbo University in China and University of Manitoba(UM) in Canada

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Tuition: 48,000 RMB per year(Master)

Location: Guangzhou

Duration: 2 years

Language requirement: English, TOEFL 70/IELTS 5.5

Features: Having Full-time adn Part-time MBA ; English-taught MBA Enrollment ranks No.1 in China;
Focus on "Global Vision, English Instruction; Field Immersion, Local Solution"

Nankai University

Tuition: 30,000 RMB per year(Bachelor)

Location: Tianjin

Duration: 4 years

Language requirement: English, IELTS 5.5

Features: Nankai Business School ranking 10th in China; Guaranteed internship;
Chinese Language classes as part of the program

Jiangsu University

Tuition: 18,000 RMB per year(Bachelor)

Location: Zhenjiang

Duration: 4 years

Language requirement: English, TOEFL 70

Features:  Can be applied for both in Autumn and in Spring; Wide opportunities for practical experiences and internship
Better employment opportunities

Wuhan University

Tuition: 23,000 RMB per year(Bachelor)

Location: Wuhan

Duration: 4 years

Language requirement: English

Features: MBA is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA); World-famous teaching staff;
Practical Competence-Oriented program system

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