Hong Kong Polytechnic University MBA program

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Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) MBA shares a common structure with the program offered in mainland China (Shenzhen and Xi’an) and it provides a wide range of electives, with an opportunity to focus on Fashion Business, Financial Services, IT Management and Innovation and Design Management.

This program prepares experienced managers and professionals to solve real-world management problems. The structure is intensive, comprehensive and well-designed. Taught by experienced and committed teaching staff, the program provides exceptionally good value to students.

This program builds on the knowledge and skills that participants have developed during their careers. In the Core Subjects, a broad managerial perspective is adopted, while the more specialised Elective Subjects are designed to suit the particular needs of participants and their current and future employers. Students can choose to focus on specific industry areas in their second year of study.

Overall, the PolyU MBA seeks to serve the general management needs of all participants while permitting some specialisation in areas of particular relevance to some students.

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