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Beijing No 80 High School

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Beijing No 80 High School was founded in 1956. It is the only key high school in the Chaoyang District, and is considered a model school for all of Beijing.

Beijing No 80 High School is divided into two campuses. One is located in Baijiazhuang within the third eastern loop, where the embassy and CBD district are located. The other one is located at the center of the Wangjing Business Park. It covers 0.094 square kilometers (141.6 mus) and the campus has its own facilities for classrooms, science and technology, art, gymnasium, pool, astronomical observatory, dining hall, dormitories, offices, and playground. Since the school's inception, the advanced ideals, outstanding faculty, and modern facilities have made our school the ideal starting point for those who seek the best in higher education.

Beijing No 80 High School has a track record of great achievement at the education of science and technology, physical education, audio-visual education, foreign languages, computer science and international education.

Beijing No 80 High School also made great progress in developing international education program, such as Chinese Teaching for foreigners, international summer school, and international cooperation and so on. Each year, all of our international students were enrolled by the top grade universities in China.

The dormitories are air-conditioned, double rooms with washroom, bathroom, telephone, and laundry service. The school has a dormitory staff and health clinic doctor who are available to assist students on a 24/7 basis. Students can eat in the dining hall of school, which serves different kinds of food, such as Chinese food, Western food, Korean food and Islam food. Our senior high school has double-bedded dormitories equipped with air conditioner, telephone, bathroom, restroom, bedclothes.

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