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Smart system a 'brain' of Quzhou's social administration

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Workers watch the big screen at the coordination center monitoring the traffic conditions in Quzhou, Zhejiang province. [Photo/]

The administration over public security becomes digital and intelligent in Quzhou, Zhejiang province thanks to the adoption of a smart system.

"Xueliang Project", literally meaning a discerning project, is a national initiative that encourages cities to build monitoring systems with technologies of internet and big data over public security, especially the traffic. They are considered as "brains" of cities on social management.

Quzhou is one of the first pilot cities conducting the initiative in China and has achieved positive results.

At a coordination center in Quzhou, workers are able to see the real-time monitoring videos across the city on screens and receive the latest data of vehicles and pedestrians. The smart system will rapidly analyze the information and data to help the government departments react as soon as possible.

Zhang Weiguo, an official of Quzhou government said the center has collected over 2 billion pieces of data so far and still continuously receives more than 9 million every day.

The analysis function enables government bodies to get alerts and prevent accidents from happening in advance, greatly reducing the chances of bad occurrences.


Workers watch the real-time monitoring videos of public areas at Yiyuan village of Quzhou's Kecheng district. [Photo/]

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