Application for and approval of being employed in China

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If a foreigner studying in China needs to be employed in China, the employer shall submit a written application to the Ministry of Personnel of the People's Republic of China or its authorized labor and personnel department (bureau) of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and grant employment permit upon approval.

(1) After the foreigner's application for being employed in China is approved, the employer shall enter into labor contract with the foreigner. The contract shall be in line with relevant Chinese laws and regulations and a copy of the contract shall be submitted to the original approval department for the record.

(2) The employment permit of foreigners in China is valid for one year, and the employer shall be the same as specified in the employment permit. After the expiration of the employment, the employer shall return the employment permit to the original issuing authority within 10 days after the foreigner quits the job. A foreigner needs to apply to the original issuing authority for the extension of employment permit or change of employer. Employment permit can only be extended once and shall not exceed one year. After the extension or change of employment permit, the foreigner shall apply to the public security organ for registration change.

(3) International students employed in China shall comply with the relevant Chinese laws. If there are circumstances where the employed international students obtain a diploma, certificate of completion, certificate of studying at college or dropping out of college, leave the original employer, violate the regulations of the exit and entry administration, decease or are missing, the employer shall timely report to the exit and entry administration department of the public security organ of the local people's government at the county level or above.

At present, Chinese government is developing relevant supporting policies on the employment of international students.

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