China to promote integration between industry and education

Updated: Dec 22, 2017 Print

The State Council issued a statement on Dec 19 to promote cooperation between enterprises and vocational schools and colleges, as a measure to better match the supply of professionals with demand from industry.

According to the document, colleges are encouraged to partner with backbone enterprises and startups in innovation. College majors should be consistent with industrial transformation, especially the new round of the technological revolution and the development of the new economy. Majors that meet urgent industrial demands and national strategy such as modern agriculture, smart manufacturing, environmental protection and artificial intelligence should be developed to full strength.

Educational resources should be allocated reasonably and consistent with new styles of urbanization. The supply of higher education resources should be increasingly driven by the job market, especially the demand from enterprises and the quality of job hunting for graduates.

Enterprises are encouraged to engage in the operation of vocational schools and colleges through various structures such as sole proprietorships and joint ventures. They are also encouraged to take part in curriculum reform, scientific research and accept more students as interns.

Vocational schools are encouraged to align with enterprises so that students can receive more training. Technology professionals and managers from enterprises are encouraged to teach in vocational schools and colleges.

Enterprises, research institutions and social organizations are encouraged to join the management of vocational schools and colleges.

Colleges should educate more applied majors and focus on areas of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Supporting policies in finance, taxation and land should be issued for that initiative.

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