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Tourism infrastructure in China

Updated: Dec 7, 2017 Print

China now has more than 1,000 domestic air lines, with Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou having the most intensive air lines, connecting various big and medium-sized cities and coastal areas. Chinese railway operating mileage is about 110,000 kilometers, of which the total mileage of the high-speed rails with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour reaches 10,463 kilometers, ranking first in the world and the "four vertical" railway lines have been basically formed. There is an intense road network, forming a network structure with Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou as the center and radiating to the surrounding areas.

There are a total of 23,315 travel agencies in China, 13,908 star hotels (the highest level is five-star), more than 20,000 tourist attractions of various kinds, among which over 5000 scenic spots are of A-level (5A-level is the highest level for a scenic spot), 12 national resort districts, 339 outstanding tourist cities and 710,000 certified tourist guides.

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