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How do I use the postal service?

Most tourist hotels provide postal services; however, if you want to send important items such as antiques or cultural relics that are under customs control, you must consult the local branch of the International Post Office.

In addition to regular postal services, the International Post and Telecommunications Office handles remittances, money orders, telegraphic money transfers, international and domestic telephone and telegram services and local telephone services.? In the same building there is a customs office for those who need customs clearance. Additionally, packages can be collected from this office.

You can send postcards, letters, parcels and express mail anywhere in the world via China Post (with the green logo), FedEx or China Air Express. Visitors should not wrap parcels before they are taken to the post office since the contents must be examined before the parcel can be mailed. Also, some forms of publication such as books, magazines and newspapers must be examined at an authorized post office.

Items sent to or from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan: the maximum value is 800 yuan, 400 yuan of which is exempt from tax. Items sent to or from foreign countries: the legal maximum value is 1,000 yuan, 500 yuan of which is exempt from tax.

For personal mailed items entering China, the amount of value exceeding the above-mentioned duty-free limit is subject to import tariff, in accordance with the Procedures of the Customs of the People's Republic of China for the levying of the import duties of inward passenger's luggage and personal mail articles.

Postal Service Coverage

China Postal Express & Logistics provides domestic services across the country and international services to over 220 countries and regions.

International (Regional) Express Service Coverage

Destination of EMS

Macao, Taiwan, Hong Kong

D.P.R.Korea, R.O.Korea, Japan

Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam

Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand


Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Canada, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom

Pakistan, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India

Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Panama, Brazil, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Colombia, Cuba, Guyana, Czech, Peru, Mexico, Ukraine Hungary, Israel Jordan

Oman, Egypt, Ethiopia, Estonia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (DRC), Kazakhstan, Guinea, Djibouti, Ghana, Gabon, Qatar, Cayman Islands, C?te d’Ivoire, Kuwait, Croatia, Kenya, Latvia, Rwanda, Romania, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Uganda, Syria, Iran, Chad

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