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1. Pyramid-shaped talent pool 

Wuxi has a pyramid-shaped talent pool, which contains human resources with various skills at different levels. In recent years, more and more global enterprises such as Bosch, Siemens and GE have set up subsidiaries in the city, with advanced training systems and favorable salary and welfare benefits, attracting large numbers of highly skilled talents from around the country. In addition, lowly skilled laborers also tend to choose Wuxi as their ideal working place due to the area’s lower living costs compared with big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

2. Competitive industrial cluster

Wuxi takes equipment manufacturing as its pillar industry, followed by four emerging industries –micro-electronics, internet of things (IoT), new materials and biopharmaceuticals – and three characteristic industries – airport logistics, software and service outsourcing, and the cultural industry – all of which substantially contribute to Wuxi's economic development. 

3. Profound culture heritage

As the birthplace of the Wu culture, a Chinese subculture named after the Wu Kingdom of the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC), Wuxi boasts an abundance of cultural resources and famous attractions, such as the Bodu River and Taibo Temple. It was the longstanding Wu culture that shaped the industrious, pragmatic and flexible traits of the local people, who triggered the development of Chinese industry and commerce, making the city the innovation center of East China

4. Favorable living environment 

In addition to its beautiful ecological environment, Wuxi provides its residents with a favorable living environment, including well-equipped apartments, entertainment venues and tourism resources. There are large numbers of schools in the city, including several international schools, which meet the needs of foreign investors and employees' children. As for medical resources, there were 2,155 medical institutions in Wuxi by the end of 2014, providing comprehensive medical services to residents.

5. Advantageous geographical location

Wuxi is located in the southeastern part of East China's Jiangsu province, between Shanghai and Nanjing. It lies within the Yangtze River Delta, China's economically most developed and vibrant area. The district enjoys convenient transportation due to a high speed rail station and an airport, which put business trips within easy reach while cutting logistics costs and transportation time for all enterprises.

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