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Micro-electronics industry

Updated: Nov 30, 2017 Print

A total of 190 micro-electronics enterprises were enrolled in Wuxi in 2015. They include 96 scale-and-above enterprises. SK Hynix, China Resources Microelectronics Limited, Xinchao Technology Group and Hitech Semiconductor ranked among the top ten of the industry nationwide. The output value of micro-electronics industry in Wuxi reached 75.15 billion yuan ($11.34 billion), growing by 7.6 percent, ranking second in China and the first in Jiangsu province. The output value of the design industry reached 7.61 billion yuan, ranking fourth in China; the output value of wafer industry reached 18.45 billion yuan, ranking second in China; the output value of packaging and testing industry surpassed 19.66 billion yuan, ranking the third in China.

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