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Jiangsu Gaoyou Economic Development Zone

Updated: Nov 29, 2017 Print


Jiangsu Gaoyou Economic Development Zone (江苏高邮经济开发区) has a planned area of 101 square kilometers. The planned development area was 50 sq km and 20 sq km of it has been built.

After years of development, it has formed five pillar industries: metallurgical machinery, textile and clothing, electrical and electronics, biomedical, and high-performance batteries. 

The zone is an integration of a Science and Technology Industrial Park, a High-performance Batteries Park, a Clear Lake Tourism Resort and other parks with special characteristics. 

There are more than 500 enterprises in the zone, of which more than 90  are above the designated scale and 20 are high-tech enterprises. It also has three provincial-level academician workstations, three post-doctoral research stations and 35 provincial and national-level technology development centers. 

Approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, Gaoyou Economic Development Zone joined with Bosideng, China's leading textile and garment brand, to set up a Bosideng Gaoyou Industrial Park. 

The zone is focusing on an industrial development pattern around "2+2+1": (2 leading industries in metallurgical machinery, and electronic and electrical products; 2 strategic emerging industries in new energy, and life and health; and ecological and cultural tourism as the representative of the modern service industry). It is actively carrying out investment, sparing no efforts to build a modern industrial system. 

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