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Jiangsu Yangzhou National Agricultural and Technology Park

Updated: Nov 29, 2017 Print


Jiangsu Yangzhou National Agricultural Science and Technology Park (江苏扬州(高邮)国家农业科技园) was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015. It was constructed with three major parts — a core area, a demonstration area and a radiation area — which serve as one of the key innovation hubs in Yangzhou.

Adhering to the development philosophy of "science and technology prosper parks", the core area highlights the organic integration of park, scenic area, campus and community. 

In accordance with the requirements of "open big pattern, build big framework, meet demands of big project", the park implemented many infrastructure projects such as water, electricity, road, gas, bridge gate, hydropower gas station, greening and lighting.

Twenty-six agricultural projects covering 433 hecatres have been settled, including a 1.5-billion-yuan ($226-million) Yangzhou University-initiated agriculture science and technology park project, and a 300-million-yuan poultry breeding base project launched by the China Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute. 

Next, the park will integrate all resources to increase the awards and subsidies of various projects, such as construction of agricultural facilities, technological innovation, talent introduction, brand promotion, purchase of agricultural machinery, land rent and other aspects. 

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