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South Lake Scenic Spot (Zhejiang)

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South Lake Scenic Spot, listed as a National AAAAA Level scenic spot in 2010, is located in Jiaxing, East China's Zhejiang province. It covers an area of 5.5 sq km, consisting of the South Lake Park, Yuehe Historic Street and Qiyi Square. It is famed not only for its picturesque lake scenery and traditional Chinese architecture, but also for being an important national demonstration base for patriotism education. It is a famous tourism destination in East China.



Lies in the Southeastern part of Jiaxing, it is one of the three most famous lakes in Zhejiang (the other two are the West Lake in Hangzhou and the Donghu Lake in Shaoxing). It features beautiful scenery, mainly including the Huijing Park, Huxin Island, Yanyulou Pavilion and Haogu Tower.

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