China is going to carry out vocational education collaboration plan between East and West China

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China has worked out a detailed implementation plan to increase the collaboration of vocational education between the East and West China, aiming to use vocational education to play a more significant role in getting rid of poverty.

In 2016, the Ministry of Education and Poverty Relief Office of the State Council issued an action plan of vocational education collaboration between East and West China for 2016-2020.

According to the plan, vocational college collaboration between east and west China will be conducted nation-wide; more efforts are expected to be put in recruiting students for secondary vocational schools; and vocational colleges will also be involved in various collaboration tasks.

Poverty relief work and industrial development benefit each other, as education boosts industrial development helping in return to get rid of poverty. Education drives the industry and the industry helps overcome poverty.

The models of “education, industry, and employment” and “colleges, cooperatives and households” are workable and sustainable approaches for getting rid of poverty.

Vocational education takes targeted measures to help the people in poverty and in the process drive the development.

The vocational education helps to reduce poverty, while the poverty alleviation work promotes the vocational education.

In addition, vocational education and continuing education are equally important.

The eastern and western regions will collaborate to achieve poverty alleviation based on their partnership.

The provinces, regions, and cities that have supported Xinjiang, Tibet and the Tibetan areas in four provinces will increase collaboration with these areas as they continue to work on local poverty alleviation.

Ten vocational education groups and ten prefectures and cities in western Yunnan province can maintain their existing partnership if they are willing to continue, otherwise, a new support collaboration partnership will be established.  

As for the collaboration partnership, all the vocational education groups and vocational colleges between east and west China will be involved and implement in-depth cooperation.

Secondary vocational schools in the eastern region of China will receive graduates from junior and senior high schools of poor families in China’s western area and provide them with quality secondary vocational education.

Poverty alleviation departments in central and western areas of China will need to cooperate with education departments to mobilize the students. Poverty alleviation departments in eastern, developed regions should also provide special supporting policies for children from impoverished families in central and western China to receive vocational education in east China.

Governments at provincial, municipal, and district levels need to implement charity vocational training projects with fiscal poverty alleviation funds and support vocational colleges in carrying out various skill trainings for employment.

To ensure effective collaboration in vocational education between east and west China, an evaluation system and a work coordination system will be set up to guarantee all tasks get completed. Quality vocational education for children from impoverished families will become an important factor in poverty relief collaboration assessment. There will be detailed plans, yearly plans, and agreements for the consideration of the Education Ministry.

Moreover, Ministry of Education and Poverty Relief Office of the State Council will set up a work management platform based on special organizations to achieve real-time reporting and regular summary and analysis.

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