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Guiyang promulgates rules of big data application in medical care

Updated: Oct 12, 2018 Print

To further simplify medical care, Guiyang people's congress promulgated new rules on Oct 9 to regulate big data applications in medical care. The rules will take effect on Jan 1, 2019.

The rules will apply to all medical and health institutions and healthcare enterprises in Guiyang that are connected with the city's citizen health information platform, regardless of their nature or level.

The platform stores medical data for all citizens of Guiyang and serves as the basis for data development in medical care. It strictly regulates all connected institutions and companies on investment, data collection, data facticity, and data timeliness.

According to the new rules, relevant government departments will integrate the health insurance systems of urban and rural citizens to create a one-card-pass, which will serve as both a health card and a social insurance card.

The one-card-pass will not only be convenient for patients, but will also allow authorized institutions and companies to look up the health records of citizens online, which will attract more institutions and companies to the platform.

In addition, the medical and health administrative department of Guiyang will establish a system for mutual recognition of medical examination results, which means patients can avoid repetitive medical examinations when seeing doctors in different medical institutions in Guiyang.

In the future, Guiyang will utilize the data of the platform and citizens' digital health records to analyze the relationship between illness and poverty in rural low income families, and promote the integration of medical care services, public health, and medical assistance.

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